Reason 10.2 as host

I want to put jam midi guitar vst, as an fx insert to audio track .I can do that, but afterwards I do not know how to connect that to an instrument track.can you help me?

Quickstart vids showing exactly that, for all major DAW’s, are on

I use reason 10.2.2d1

Reason started with VST support from 9.5 onward, but we dont know if they support midi routing yet. The last time we checked, they didnt support that.

did you check it for reason 10.2.2d1?

no, I didnt. I checked reason 10 back then.

please check it , if it is possible and how.Thank you

I’m working on it, it will take some time though: the download alone will take at least 3 hours from here.

please inform me when you know.Thank you

It doesnt look like Reason has added midi routing. there is no way to assign the midi output of MIDI Guitar to one of the A,B,C,D channels.
The midi output of MIDI Guitar doesnt even show up in the rack, I tried using a re-route via an “external instrument” added straight after MG, but there are no midi notes.
Reason simply doesnt listen to the midi coming out of MG.
You can see this on the backside of the rack: there are only audio connections:

Tested sidechaining, isnt possible either: ti would involve loading MG on a synthtrack, and feeding it with an extra “sidechain” audiosignal. It doesnt help, because the midi in and outputs from MG are hidden in Reason. This means that “midi controlled fx” are generally not supported in Reason.

Does Reason work with LoopMidi? If yes, that might solve your problem by sending MG to LoopMidi - which is the way to get Presonus Studio One Artist working

any DAW app wil work with Loopmidi, but the possibilities are not the same ( you can not use a DAW track for input)
Plus you might run into an ASIO problem: not all ASIO drivers are “multiclient”, meaning that running both DAW and MG standalone on the same ASIO driver might bring problems. Circumventing those problems is not allways possible.

I went to the site of loopmidi and I saw that it works only with windows not mac.

Maybe the new version of reason 1.3 witch comes shortly will solve the problem

on mac you dont need Loopmidi: just start MG, enable virtual midi output.
Start Reason, assign A,B,C or D to midi guitars stream in settings.