Reason 10.2 compatibility [SOLVED]

Hi there, I have been reading that Reason is not compatible with this plugin at present but wondered if there is a free DAW that i could use to record the initial Midi file and then import in to Reason and play with the sounds internally after? Hopefully Reason will rectify in the imminent update.



you can use Reaper for that.

Reaper isn’t free (after the try-out period). It requires a $60 personal license fee.

I’m assuming Windows, since GarageBand comes free with MacOS.

Studio One Prime


Cakewalk by Bandlab (the former SONAR Platinum) is free.

ok. Reaper changed the licensing a while ago.
-Studio Prime does not load MG or any other external VST!
-Audacity on my laptop doesnt load MG as VST (audacity crashes)
that leaves only Cakewalk as a free host possibility.
NOTE: on mac it is allways possible to run MG as standalone, enable virtual midi and let Reason listen to it. On PC this would require loopMIDI and a bit of luck with your ASIO driver (some asio drivers dont perform with 2 apps as client: setting this up is a hassle )

Cheers guys. Ive downloaded Cakewalk to use as a Midi recording host. And will import the file after to utilise Reason’s sounds