Reason 11 Beta version

Is there any news on whether Midi guitar is more friendly with the new Reason 11 beta?

It seems Reason is moving toward MG2 a bit. The Reason Rack Vst “should” be able to load as an instrument in MG2, but I haven’t received my invite to the Reason Beta as yet to test. Otherwise, using MG2 to record midi into Reason will remain basically the same as Reason 10.x since Reason 11 will still not support midi out from VSTs loaded into it.

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thanks for the inof, karma^3!
Main problem with this “reason rack vst” is that it still wont allow for MG’s notes to be recorded. If only the midi output of our VST were connected, a midi loopback could be created like we recommend for Fruity Loop users, and the midi could be routed and recorded…