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Reason 12

Does Jam Origin work with Reason 12?
If yes, can you create a video to show how te get it set up?


Hi! I’m an avid Reason user, but I haven’t bought into their subscription model, so I am still on 11. In what way would you say it differs from Reason 11? Did you come in on 12 or do you have experience from before to compare with? Will help if I can!

I haven’t used Jam Origin at all with any version of Reason so I can’t tell you much unfortunately.
I can’t say there’s a massive difference between 11 and 12 when using it on a day to day basis.

So, I use MIDI Guitar in standalone mode with Reason, and it serves all my purposes normally. If I want to separate tracks I open both MIDI Guitar AND Reason as plugins in Abelton. Did you have some specific setup in mind?

Reason is the only DAW I use, I’d like to use my guitar as my main midi controller (like a midi keyboard). Is this possible?

Yes, open Reason! Open MG2 in standalone and this is what you will see in the MIDI Inputs window. This is for Mac, and I am not sure if there is any difference for PC. You haven’t mentioned platform yet!

Oops! Sorry, I’m a Windows user…

Ok, so let’s wait for any MG2/Windows/Reason 12 user to confirm functionality then!