Recall last opened patch or recall preset in host [MG2 iOS 12.4.1 / iOS13]

If I open MG2 standalone iOS app it seems to usually recall the last opened patch - this is good but sometimes it doesn’t work.

If I open AUM and load a patch that has MG2 saved as an IAA device it sometimes opens to ‘Test Piano’; not the patch I saved in the set ‘External MIDI Output’. On iOS 13 it always opens Test Piano. Sometimes it’s ok on iOS 12.4.1.

Any ideas? I want MG2 to open to the saved patch in AUM as I have other saved port information that fails to load corectly if MG2 does not open to the correct patch.

IAA doesnt support parameter saving. that means that MG will load the patch with which it is closed the last time…
IAA will be phased out the coming years, superseeded by AUv3 which does supply parameter saving and more.

Thanks. That’s kind of what I suspected but it doesn’t really explain why sometimes MG2 decides to open on the ‘Test Piano’ patch even though I never ever used that patch.

…and is that to say that MG2 for iOS will get an AUv3 overhaul at some stage?

we’ll have to make an AUv3 plug of MG at some stage, because IAA will be superseeded. But it will take time, because there are memory limits for AUv3 plugs to which we don’t yet comply.

So…back to the point – why would MG2 iOS default to ‘Test Piano’ upon opening when it wasn’t the last active preset?

those defaults are used when the app is abnormally ended. But it might be that certain IAA unload situations are seen as abnormal endings, this also happens on the desktop version between plugin and standalone version.
I’ll put it on the checklist.

Thanks for explaining, Paul. Looking forward to what the future holds for this great audio tool.

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