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Recalling patch at start-up

Hi, I have been playing midi guitar for a while now but just upgraded to the lastest version and am having some serious problems.

I run midi guitar on an Intel Nuc on my pedalboard. I need it to start up with my main patch when the software starts up. Sometimes it works and sometimes when it starts up it goes back to the original Test Piano patch.

Except for setup I run the Nuc without a screen or keyboard etc so starting up on the wrong patch means the system doesn’t work.

Please help me to make sure it always fires up with my main patch with all the correct settings.

Thanks and regards,


Hello @MalD, welcome here :slight_smile:

What always happens for me: MG loads the last active patch when the program is closed.
Always check that you are on the right patch before quitting MG.

If you have updated MG or Windows, check again.

Hope this helps.

Thank for the reply. Hi, yes I am on the right patch when I close. However I do need to close with the hardware button on the Nuc. For some reason midi guitar doesn’t like this and is reloading the Test piano patch.

Any suggestions on how to force it into my main patch appreciated.

If you do not quit windows in a safe way, it can not save any settings and can even damage the OS, it is to be avoided. Consider controlling your pc with a wireless mini keyboard remote.

For example, on stage, I sometimes use a Rii to control a remote computer for video fx. It measures 15x9 cm, operating with a single usb dongle. It is small, not expensive and it will protect your computer by turning it off with a ALT+F4 command.

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