Recommended CPU for using MIDI Guitar 2

Hello! Will this software run with a buffer size of 128 on an i7 7700k? I am using FL Studio 21, but opening the HELP or similar pages causes FL Studio to stop working. Is the CPU performance sufficient? Thank you.

Yes that should be more than sufficient for MG2 (which is really not very CPU intensive) but you will likely have much more stuff going on in FL and so it’s more about headroom for other stuff.

FL is using variable buffer sizes and for MG you need to force it for 128 fixed size. MG3 will (soon) be able to deal better with variable buffer sizes and have multi threading which should distribute load on more CPU cores. This is needed because MG3s “expressive” tracking more is much more CPU intensive.

Hello @Ashy0817 , welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m using Midi Guitar in a real-time plug-in host on Windows 11 with a buffer size of 128 or 256 on 2 laptops, one of which is a 2012 i5-3320M. I haven’t had any problems with glitching, cracking or freezing.

From what you say, it seems to be more of a graphics card and GUI problem. Are you on Mac or Windows? Have you tested the various rendering modes that exist (software or OpenGL)? If you’re on Windows, have you optimised it for high performance mode?

Thank you for your response :grinning:. I am using Windows 10 64-bit. When I run the standalone version of MIDI Guitar 2 (32-bit) and set the sample rate to 128, there is almost no CPU load. However, it seems that there is a heavy load when I run it as a plugin in FL Studio. What could be the cause of this?

Thank you for your response. When I ran the standalone version of MIDI Guitar 2 instead of using it in FL Studio, there was no abnormal CPU load. Are there any solutions for using it in FL Studio?

I think it comes from something else in FL Studio:

  • Do you use instruments midi, effects midi, audio or others in the Midi Guitar plugin?
  • Do you use many other plugins in addition to the Midi Guitar plugin?
  • If you deactivate only the Midi Guitar plugin, is there a significant difference in CPU cycle consumption?

For example, In a daw or a host plugin, I use Midi Guitar with only “Direct” in the Guitar Amp window. I don’t use any midi instrument or effect or any audio instrument or effect in Midi Guitar, they’re all third-party plugins chained after Midi Guitar.

In this configuration, I can see that by deactivating the Midi Guitar plugin, I only gain 1 to 2% of cpu resources in my daw because Midi Guitar consumes almost nothing.

Please tell us if it is not the case for you in this configuration.