Recommended features for guitar to be used with MIDI Guitar

I have a 70s strat that I am going to trade in for a new guitar. Any recommended features for this new guitar that would enhance the use of MIDI Guitar? For example would noiseless pickups help the overall sound quality? Anything else? Any specific guitar recommendation for use with MIDI guitar? Thanks!

Good question but, in my honest opinion, MG2 will deliver with any Stringed instrument (limits on low end) you feed into it!!! So, without further adieu, lets look at my buddy and favorite MG2 player, LofiLeif.

This guy is not only a great player but, I would classify him as a MIDI Guitar 2 ScientistPlayer :). He proves and demonstrates the depth and breadth of what can be accomplished with the very best MIDI Guitar Software available…PERIOD :). So, check this out, and review the other amazing videos. No this is not some silly Youtube ad, LofiLeif is “for real”, and to address the question of the guitar, I believe he proves the flexibility, control and expansion possibilities of the very affordable Steinberger Spirit. I actually play an 8 string NS Stick (Touch Combo Bass and Melodic Guitar), and I have devised a perfect dual MG2 and MG Bass connection which generates some extremely interesting sonic events :), but LofiLeif…words cannot express his delivery, so take a look.

Hope this helps, and please let us all know about your ultimate decision.

Take Care.


Thanks, great guitar MIDI playing guy is amazing. I’ll take a look at the Steinberger Spirit …

Hi, I would think two main issues would be -
(i) A guitar with suitable sustain (for emulating instruments that require sustained notes). Most solid electrics would fit here.
(ii) Use the front pick up. I’ve no deep research into this; it’s just my thought that more harmonics produced by rear pick ups may introduce ambiguities into the process. A front pick up (I would think) has a more pure signal.


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Great thanks. I wound up getting a Gibson SG it sounds really good with MG2.

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