Recommended Free iOS synth apps

Hi all,

First post as I just learned about this forum via a video from LoFiLeIf.

I’ve experimented off and on with MG2 on my iPad integrated into my Fractal Audio Axe Fx III rig.

Since I’m cheap, I’ve only only tried free iOS synth apps.

So far, aside from the built-in apps, I’ve tried Primer (related to Syntorial, a cool app for learning about synthesis), FM Player 2 and Synth ONE.

I also recently installed King of FM although not yet tried it with MG2.

I’m looking for recommendations on other free apps that work well with MG2 as well as sound good.

Also, being a guitar player, I’m not that familiar with what synths created which sounds.

I’d love some input on getting some synth lead sounds like those from Snarky Puppy or prog bands like Flying Colors, etc.


I think you pretty much have the free ones covered. The question to ask is, are you interested in doing sound design, or relying on presets? If you’re relying on presets (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that) then I assume you’re not getting the sounds you like from the synths you already have. You’ll probably have to cough up some $ for as many synths as you need to find the presets that float your boat. OTOH, if you’re wanting to do sound design, then you should be able to get what you want from just about any of the synths you already have in your stable. Synth One is excellent. My only complaint is it can’t be used as an AU. It works fine as an IAA process, but limits you to only one instance which May or not be an issue for you. The others you mention I believe all support use as an AU.

Note too that you can also use presets as your “init” and tweak to your preference. Learning to do that is invaluable even if you intend to rely on presets. Learning how to operate a synth is invaluable even if you’re not intending to dive into the deep end of the sound design pool.

Thanks! Mostly just looking to see if there are any good ones I might be missing.

Presets are nice but I don’t mind diving into some design.