Record MIDI on GarageBand in Mac

When I use Midi Guitar 2 with GarageBand on the Mac, it records as a wavefile. How do I get it to record as Midi. The instructions ( say: Select the “External MIDI Output” patch. I cannot find where to do that. Please help.

you are mixing up 2 of our app versions.

Still not working. I have the free trial version, which is said to be fully functional except that it stops every now and then and you have to click to resume. Could that be the issue?

ofourse the demo should work.
have you followed the steps in the video ?
Please tell at which step it doesnt work like shown.

First, thank you for your help. I think I see what’s going on. Every now and then I can now get it to work, and a few seconds later Midi Guitar 2 stops and asks me to either reconnect. When I do, things stop working. So I go through the entire process again, and sometimes it works, sometimes not. When it does not, it’s probably that Midi Guitar 2 has again stopped.
When I did get it to work, I got significant latency. I wanted to test what the midi is like with the latency; is it something that I can fix afterwards in editing. But I gave up after too many stops.
Will the full priced version still have the same latency? I assume it will.
Again, thanks for your help.

the demo has same latency as the full version, in fact the demo is the full version, but with interruptions.
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