Record Wav Effect?

I have just rewatched the first MG3 video and saw in the list of Jam Origin effects one called Record Wav. I assume this is to allow recording when inserted in a slot within a chain? This doesn’t appear to be present in the current MacOS beta. Is it coming back? I would find this very useful as I like to record individual stems when I’m playing live so that I can remix them later.

Which video was that, and where?

During development we have experimented with many kinds of modules that you dont see right now. We need to draw a line somewhere, and also dont want to give a false impression that MG can do anything for you.

For recording you generally need a DAW, but I dont mind adding a very simple recording module, for when a full DAW isnt suitable. There is also a possibility of a larger recording/tracks extension later :slight_smile:

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It was your MIDI Guitar 3 Introduction - a first look inside at 9:48

When I play live I prefer not to use a DAW for simplicity, in fact I usually use an iPad Pro (with AUM) rather than my MacBook Air. The fact that MG3 is also a plugin host is very appealing as I can do a lot just in the one application - except record audio, more specifically record each chain. I have been using an app called Caster, by Ginger Audio, which is very good for recording multiple audio sources, both external and other software applications, but that will still only record MG3 as a single stereo file.

I know I could get the results I want using a DAW or something like MainStage or Camelot Pro but the single application for everything, partcularly having presets that save all your settings, has great appeal. Until I rewatched that intro video I wasn’t aware that there may have been a record function. For me a very simple recording module would be perfect. Placing it anywhere in the chain slots would be useful too for recording pre and post plugins. I could then import the wave files into a DAW for editing, reprocessing, changing synths and fx etc. In fact I sometimes adopt an even simpler approach of just recording my raw guitar signal and playing that back into MG3. Using an app like Rewind can be useful then as it can also record MIDI, leaving it running in the background just records everything being input.


Right! Thanks! I couldn’t remember ever having demoed such a module, but now I know what you mean. :+1:

Very exciting! Love to see an extension to the looper to record audio too :slight_smile: