Recording Ideas (video)

Here is a future wish:


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Thank you for feedback. Yes, it’s surely possible (with caveats) and it’s something that comes up once in a while:

In order to delete a short notes, it must determine if it is a short note. ie. hear if the note end. But surely, a live tracker cant wait for that - its job is to output sensible notes with very low latency.

The solution, that I have been working on, is to have a dual tracking system - one running fast for monitoring with low latency, and the other slow/deferred tracking for recording notation. The fast would be quite like MG. The slow one can take all the time in the world to “hear whats coming”, and also use an additional layer of music theory/statistics/ML to make sure your playing makes sense, filter out notes or even add notes that you didn’t play, but should have played :slight_smile:

MG3 is a substitute for hex pickups and guitar synths. It’s not a DAW/recorder/score writer. I know many here appreciate that. So, im not saying this is coming in MG3. but I think it may come as an add-on extension :wink:


Thanks for your quick and informative replies!

I’m sitting here on my terrace 6:30 am, already 30 degC, drinking my coffee and wait for the heat to come. Then I read this one here:

That made my day. The coffee is all over now, but never mind, I’m outside…!!

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Haha, yea, that’s a good one :wink: