Recording instrument track iOS


I want to record guitar onto a midi instrument track (not an audio track) so I can export the midi to musescore and create scores more quickly. I am unable to find out how to do this after spending an hour searching here and online.

Can anyone please outline the steps?

oh, I’m also using a little irig as an input to the iPad.

MG doesn’t record MIDI by itself, but you can send MIDI from MG into any DAW/recorder, either by loading MG as plugin in the DAW or by standalone MG sending virtual MIDI.

Im not familiar with MuseScore on iOS but it may be able to record MIDI, and otherwise you need a DAW which can export MIDI.

We will definitely add recording functionality inside MG in the future.

Thank you for your reply. I am only trying to record midi in garage band in iOS at the moment.

Plugging a guitar into the iPad with an irig and just want to play mostly single notes to export midi. I can record onto an audio track but it isn’t any good to me. The midi sound doesn’t matter.

I can’t seem to do this on the midi/software/instrument tracks. Is this possible?

Still unsure how to record midi on garage band from MG on IOS. I can only seem to record audio.

I am on Windows so I do not know anything about IOS but I had seen this video a long time ago and even if it is 9 years old, I believe it is still possible today :slightly_smiling_face:

this video doesn’t show if recording MIDI is possible. These are most likely audio tracks. I need to record the midi in garage band, then export that midi.

Hi Pau!
Recording MIDI on GarageBand with MIDI Guitar on iOS (iPad):

  1. Start MG2 (empty Default)
  2. Check for incoming Audio (lines in the velocity window as you play)
  3. Go to MIDI Fx
  4. Choose MIDI output
  5. Click on “MIDI Output”
  6. From option slot: choose virtual MIDI
  7. Play something and check for outgoing MIDI messages (still in the MIDI Output window)
  8. Open Garageband
  9. Choose an instrument
  10. Record.

You will however not be able to export single MIDI files from iOS GB. As far I understand you can export their “band” format files, and use them on your computer perhaps. But iOS MuseScore is a MIDI score reader without editing capabilities anyway? So you would need to import your files to a computer in any case. But MG2 can certainly record MIDI in Garageband, on the positive side.

Thank you for that. It’s exactly what I wanted. I know how to export midi from garage band so that’s a big help, thank you!

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