Hi there… I have the Jam Origin executable installed on my PC and it works fine EXCEPT I cannot figure out how to record on my system what I’m hearing. Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks.

what audio interface are you using? which os?

are you familiar with any of the software recording options? (daws or tools like audacity)

Thanks for the reply. Generally, I use software called Goldwave (similar to Audacity). I’m running Windows 10. The program displays all the microphones on the system and I’ve tried them all. The only sound I get is my guitar but none of the effects I hear in Midi Guitar. Strange I can hear it through my headphones but can’t seem to record it.

MG2 does not appear as an additional microphone or something. As standalone app it just takes input from audio card and sends output to audiocard. (Also it can send midi somewhere)

It is expected, that for recording you would need to run MG2 within some DAW (audio editing) app as a VST plugin, instead of running MG2 standalone. This DAW would pass input audio to MG2 plugin on it’s own, and would be able to record your audio, by having direct access to plugin audio output.

Most straightforward and predictable way would be to use modern DAW with VST support.
To clarify, in this approach means that you use that DAW as a replacement for Goldwave.

You can look for a free DAW here capable of being a VST host here.

You can try Reaper first. While not the best UI experience ever, it is quite lightweight and powerful, and considered to be a production-grade app. It is fully functional in trial mode, can run in trial mode forerver if you do not mind a startup nag window, and license price is reasonable, when you feel you are serious about using it further. Investing into learning Reaper should not be a waste in most cases.

For each of DAWs known to work with MG2 you can refer to Getting started with MIDI Guitar in your DAW section of the following page MIDI Guitar & MIDI Bass Support – Jam Origin for guide on configuring it.

Additionally, you would be able to use different synth on top of MG2, not just embedded synths.


Have not heard about Goldwave for a couple of decades, looks like it is outdated a lot, but fast googling shows that it probably can be a VST host now, using some kind of a wierd workaround GoldWave Frequently Asked Questions, so you can try that if you do not want to switch you main audio editing software to a modern DAW.
To my guess it would be less reliable and harder (or impossible) to configure though, I would not take this route, but it’s your call after all. Quote from the Goldwave site:

How do I use VST audio effects?
GoldWave does not support VST plug-ins directly yet, but you can install a DirectX VST wrapper plug-in to use them through GoldWave’s DirectX plug-in, or you can use them through the GWAmp Winamp effect hosting plug-in with the VST Winamp Bridge.

For a DirectX wrapper, use the Effect | Plug-in | DirectX menu to select the wrapper effect, then select the VST effect to use. For the Winamp Bridge, use Effect | Plug-in | GWAmp | GWAmp, select the VST Winamp Bridge effect, then configure the effect to select the VST effect to use


During installation, MG2 asks where to install VST dll plugin files, so your DAW (or Goldwave) should be configured to know these dlls should be stored. Be aware that vst 32 bit plugins and vst 64 bit plugins are not interchangable, they are different, and you should know which one your host app wants. Modern DAWs mostly use vst64, but still can have 32bit versions for compatibility.

Hope this helps.


Thanks ignis32 for all the good info, VERY much appreciated.

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