Remove Dangling Cables

I love that there is a great way to connected one thing to another. What would be even better is to have a way to remove a connection. I connected one slider to another thing and I spent 35 minutes trying every possible key combination and mouse click to remove that connection. After about an hour I realized that maybe the best way to fix this is to delete the plugin and start over again.
Not sure if there is a way to remove a cable connection, but I would love to know about this so I don’t have to spend hours trying to figure this out.

What did you do in the other 25 minutes of that hour?

But I fully agree it can be cumbersome to get rid of a connection, especially at the faders.

I think I was shouting obscenities at the computer for 25 minutes. lol!

Yes, it is quite cumbersome. I’m hoping someone could share this secret with me.

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Cable connections should be able to be removed with either a long click (2 sec) or by using the keyboard backspace.

Sometimes, in this beta process, some of these cable connections fail to be removed, but just report that, and it will probably be fixed in the next update.

Yes, perhaps we should add some kind of right click, dropdown menu thing?


A dropdown menu would be lovely. And I’d love to see the ability to remove a cable from one of the grid quadrants (that expose an automation parameter) without actually having to go re-add the parameter again to make a new cable connection. That’s a minor inconvenience to be sure, but at least right now in T&E mode, I find myself rethinking my patchbay assignments regularly, and it happens. :slight_smile:

And once you have over 15-20 cables patched, it would be good to visually hide them. :slight_smile:

It is confusing that it only disconnects from one side. It would be more natural if it could also drag a cable from one connection to another and then disconnect when dropped into a void.