Renaming patches is a chore, or doesn't simply work without saving it to yet another new name

Have anyone of you the same problem?

  1. Midi Guitar 2 on Mac OS 10.11 Standalone version (and inside DAWs as well).
  2. Whenever creating a new patch, and if you got one letter wrong and inadvertenlty save it, later on when chosing “RENAME” button it is impossible to rename the patch, especially changing out lower case letters to capital.

All in all I want to have a safer “save” process whenever doing small changes. You should just press ctrl+S for save, but as for now you press save and it will show a dialog box and you have to overwrite the old one. Never ever came to grips of why this should be so cumbersome and unwieldy.

Your situation in 2: when you save patchName1 as patchName2, you’ll have 2 patches on disk, PathcName1 and patchName2. Renaming pathname2 to patchname1 is then not possible. You have to delete (or rename) patchName1 then first.

But this situtaion will not occur if you get the principle of the file manager:

  1. When you just want to save a patch, click “save”, and hit the enter key.
  2. When you want a copy with a different name, click “save” and change the name before hitting enter.
    You now have both the old and new patch on disk.
  3. When you want to change the name of the current patch:
    Click “save”, then choose “rename”, alter the name and hit the enter key.
    There will be no patch with the old name on disk, just the one you renamed.
  4. If you want to delete a patch, open it and click “delete”

The quirk is the rename button. It’s impossible to rename misspelling of capital and lower case letters. You have to rename it to something completely else first. Rename button isn’t lit if you just change a lower capital letter to an upper case one.

Thus, conclusion: The system doesn’t recognize a change from a lower case letter to an upper case letter as a valid renaming of the preset. What is peculiar too, is that all presets when searching for them are all displayed withh upper case letters anyway. But when you do “save” it or trying to “rename” it you can have initial capitals and so on…but it doesn’t matter it seems.

you better dont use any capitals in the patch names, some systems support capitals as different letters, some dont, and that mixes up everything…
It is a quirk, we know.

The patches are shown in capital letters anyway AFAIK, both on Mac and PC, so one tends to type them in like that, it’s more readable and easy on the eye on stage anyway…so…if I ACCIDENTALLY typed in a lower case letter it’s impossible to RENAME it, with just that one letter changing out to capital one. Or, in the case of following suit, typing in a name in lower case, and one accidentally got capital lettering it’s impossible to change out with the rename button. So I wonder what the rename button is there for since you have to save them with yet another name, and then create a new one and then try to type everything in correctly.

what I mean is: if you dont use capitals, you’ll never encounter any of those problems.
you dont need capitals, because the names are shown capital any way.

but what I mean is: If the names are shown in capitals anyway, why not use them anyway?
which boils down to: Why does it care? It should be able to accept either then, because the conversion to capitals are made somewhere anyhow, isn’t it?

It’s the RENAME bit.