Restore purchase button does not do anything

I previously purchase MIDI Gutar for Garageband - and was using it on my ipad - but my work gave a a decent computer that is maxed out at High Sierra.

I installed MIDI Guitar for Garageband onto that new mac - but the restore purchase button does not do anything - click it - and nothing happens

so I reinstalled MIDI Guitar - and the same thing
I also tried to update - which it says that an older version would be installed - however, that too does nothing when selecting the update button

I really would like to use it again and I really don’t want to have to pay for it all over again

please advise on how to get this to work

Are you sure you purchased the in-app-purchase on the Apple ID you use now?

Something I don’t quite follow with what you say about updating - do you mean updating in the Mac App Store? Why would it install an older version? Normally App Stores will only install the most recent version. Did you somehow downgrade your MacOS version?
If you can send me a screenshot of this update message, I can probably understand what’s going on.

EDIT: Paul spotted the catch and is right: it seems you bought it on iOS, but the Mac version is a separate product.

if you were using it on your ipad, it was not “MIDI Guitar for Garageband” but MIDI Guitar for iOS. that is a different license.

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