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Roadmap - MIDI Guitar 3 free upgrade and new plugins!

After some years where I’ve been flying low in stealth-mode, I’m finally happy to share a little bit of information on upcoming products/plugins.

I do not want to spoil too much at this moment but of make sure you are subscribed to the mailing list for notifications.



That is awesome! Can hardly wait! I am looking for to designing my own effects in particular. I own guitar, bass, and iOS versions. Will all get the upgrade? Or I am I asking for too many details?

i want it now :laughing:
lofileifs videos on mg3 look very promising.
cant wait to get my hands on it!

thanks for your work and for keeping us updated!

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Hi, I just started with MG2 demo version and have a few requests for the update.

First, I’m amazed by this technology! I have a standard strat that now sounds and plays like a french horn! I love it.

But I’m primarily and violin and mandolin player and am trying to use the demo with them. The e-mandolin is a 5 string single string tuned c-g-d-a-e. The preset with 5th’s tuning gets close but has an extra f string that I fear is causing problems. The e-mando just doesn’t track anywhere near as well as the strat. I would have thought that the increased tension and short scale length would make it easier to track?

Anyway, in the MG3 version is it possible to have a 5 string preset for e-mandolin and 5 string electric violin? Also, on the mandolin and violin the tracking stops at the d on 10th fret on the e string (d) which is typically the high on a guitar in terms of frequency. In the preset for 5 string instruments can the range be extended to include the octave above that high d on the guitar?
Would also be great to have 4 string presets for standard e-mando and e-violins.

Thanks so much for creating this amazing software! I feel it’s going to expand my musical horizons and make recording parts for various instruments so much more fun. I’m not a great keyboardist so having the midi capability on strings is just awesome!

I’ll pull the trigger on the current version soon.

This is great news. Is there any word on MidiBass for iOS?


Can you reveal what would be the lowest note recognised by Midi 3?

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