"Scan one file" problem

Any possible solutions to this? I’m trying to “scan one file” in the MG2 standalone application’s plugin settings. The audio unit is Synapse Audio’s “The Legend.”

[M1 Mac - macOS Ventura 13.1]

Hmm! Strange! I get the same Error message for a variety of plugins, even though they clearly open in the MG2 app. I don’t have “The Legend”, but both Dune and Obsession gives me an “Error” message on scan, even though being accounted for in the instruments list and with no problems opening them. Other plugins pass with no issues. (M! Max Mac Studio, Monterey 12.5.1)

Thanks for checking :slight_smile: I try to restrict myself to using audio units in the standalone app to make the plugin list more manageable/predictable. “The Legend” can’t open so it will not show up in my scanned audio units list.

I gave up and let it scan the VST3…it works fine. I vaguely recall something similar happening with the Korg Gadget plugins in the past.

UPDATE: I figured out it’s because the plugin has 2 parts – Legend and Legend FX. If you rescan all plugins it registers the AU version.

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