Scheme for register

Hi, would you know the name (scheme) of MidiGuitar2 for iOS? I would like to register it in BandHelper to open in the foreground with a command change (cc #). Thanks

Bandhelper can only send midi to apps that create their own midi input port.
MIDI Guitar however expects an existing midi port ( a hardware midi pedal will bring its own midi port, which you can select in MIDI Guitar).
So there is currently no direct way to get Bandhelper midi into MIDI Guitar directly.
Confusingly, Bandhelper does have its own midiout port, but that is not selectable for cc or pc midi output. So you can select Bandhelper as midi pedal in MIDI guitar, but bandhelper does not send control data over it… (Bandhelper experts: If I overlooked something here, please respond!)

The workaround is not really recommendable, but should be noted here: if you have an app that can create virtual midi ports, it can mediate the midi from Bandhelper to MIDI Guitar…

  1. create virtual midi port in app
  2. select this port as “midi pedal” in MIDI Guitar
  3. create “MIDI Device” in Bandhelper using the virtual port.
    MidiFire and Audiobus 3 can make virtual midi ports: you should not buy these apps just for this hack! they are bigger apps, and using it just for the virtual midi port is kind of overkill.
    We will consider a solution for this problem.
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Ok, is that I registered several apps and practically all worked. (Audiobus2, Loopy, DrumPerfect, Audioshare, FunkDrummer, SoftDrummer, ReggaeDrummer).
This could be useful during a live performance.
Thank you for the explanation.