Scroll buttons / scroll bar on instrument selection page (feature request)

It would be great to have scroll buttons on those pages with lots of info, like the instrument selection page. The reason is: I use it with a touch screen. I can´t image to use a keyboard or mouse while playing! I think it really would makes sense to adopt the software to rugged tabletts.

about which version are you talking? the iOS version is ofcourse already touch, but the chooser in desktop version should also work with touch. You just click on any name that is half outside the window, and the list will reposition.

I use the Windows version. Of course, it works very well with touch on most screens. But the instrument selection page is difficult to use since I have installed the Virtual Playing Orchestra instruments. There is too many instruments now and no scroll button. So I need to select an arbitray instrument in the rightmost or leftmost column. Then the colums move one by.

understand, we’ll try add scrollbars there in the next version.