Searching for a solution to vibrato/bend

Hello, I use FL Studio 21 and the full version of MIDI Guitar 2

Using MIDI Guitar 2 within the DAW as an effect lets me vibrato/bend any external VST perfectly.

However when I try to bend with native stock plugins it doesn’t work.

My method for getting the MIDI Guitar 2 VST to communicate with stock plugins involves changing the output port in the wrapper settings like usual.

But to get around there being no wrapper settings on stock plugins I send them to Patcher and use the chosen MIDI output from the MIDI Guitar:

This works perfectly minus the ability to send bend/vibrato information :frowning:

I have legato disabled and tried bends at all the available ranges and matched the wrapper bend settings with no effect at all.

Things I have tried:

-asking FL Studio and MIDI Guitar nicely to cooperate
-telling myself it’s ok I don’t need to vibrato with a synth even though its soooo fun and cool
-Running MIDI Guitar in standalone mode with LoopMIDI selected as the output communicating to FL Studio

This “works” and allows me to bend and vibrato successfully but it will not allow me to use my interface for both the standalone MIDI Guitar and FL Studio at the same time. Whichever I open first gets access to the interface and the other one gets nothing. I can swap off of my audio interface in FL Studio and switch to windows drivers but the latency is so horrible it sucks all the fun out of playing and is worse than just skipping vibrato all around.

Is there a way to either:

-Link MIDI Guitar’s output to LoopMIDI from within the DAW (Edit: I did find a way to do this and it didn’t help anything: used the video on YouTube: “How to setup loop midi guitar 2 with loopmidi on FL STUDIO.” Although it does now allow piano roll recording so that’s cool.)


-Have my interface work with both FL Studio and MIDI Guitar standalone at the same time


-A solution I have not thought of?