Second audio (microphone) input as an additional audio/modulator option

Various use cases would be possible here, e.g. :

  1. a human voice/audio sound instrument as a monophonic instrument modulates/triggers the audio/midi of the guitar input as an expression controller somewhat similar to a breath controller, but with the volume and frequency of the input tone

  2. a guitar itself plays a chord or triggers a definable chord with a played note (e.g. within a scale) and thus modulates the second audio voice input like a choir singing

What else would be possible?

Would the whole thing be useful at all?


maybe also voice commands? ie: preset up/down, pbend on/off, midi machine triggers.

your second option is do-able even with mg2, using a daw and a vocoder track.

for use case 2:
A vocoder application would certainly be possible, but I was thinking of something else: harmonising voices with guitar chords, such as here as a hardware solution from TC electronic:

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You can archive that using a vocal harmonizer plugin that reacts on MIDI notes and chords.

Again to use case 2:
No, I don’t want to use an additional plugin, neither Waves nor Antares etc.

My suggestion is an internal version, customised to the special possibilities of MG3…

Are there any new thoughts on using the (audio) voice as a modulator for the guitar and also the guitar with MG3 as a chord trigger for the voice?

It’s a good idea. I just didn’t get to think about it yet. It sort of open up new rabbit holes to dig into. But have to focus on the more boring fixes as for now. Let’s get back to it after Windows.

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Thank you @JamO for sharing my idea. Good suggestion to think about it later when the Windows / IOS version is out and there is more time for development.

Does it make sense and will there perhaps be a “FEATURE REQUEST” category at some point?

Good idea. The category should be there now :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much @JamO. This way, ideas / feature requests can continue to be preserved for future development without disrupting or getting lost in the daily business :slightly_smiling_face:

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