Second Round of Beta Testing

When will the second round of beta testing start for people signed up to the mailing list? I’m dying to get my hands on this.

I hope tomorrow… maybe!


I apologize. We didn’t manage to finish preparations for the open beta today. You will get the invite saturday morning at latest.


Does this include Windows version?

No. But we are now transitioning into development on windows machines and windows is the main focus for me now. .

For those reading this I have put up a link to the latest Mac version on beta page. Emails will also be sent out soon.


When will iOS version be likely to appear? I would’ve thought the code base for this to be closer to the MacOS version so require minimal effort compared to Windows?

This mean that Mg3 OS is already done in all the main areas, modules etc is working reasonably well for most users and only minor things are lacking? So now is time to windows users?

I guess that depends on your definition of minor things :slight_smile: But certainly if any critical issues are reported, I throw away what I have in my hands and try to fix it.

You are right. iOS is interesting and its running great here on an iPad Pro. As you see, the MG3 UI was made with touch/iOS in mind. But the nasty thing about iOS is that that there are a lot of users and old patches out there, and once you install it, Apple makes sure your old MG2 is gone forever. So it needs to do much better in terms or keeping backwards compatibility. Im also thinking about the IAP purchases, pricing and how to best differentiate the products.

Well I dont have a Mac so my view of the actual OS beta status maybe is wrong, thats why I was asking, because actually I dont see to much bug reported.
This and the fact that I am a long time MG windows user (also IOS but I know that is comming later) and Im excited and envious of Mac users.

Does that mean you’re releasing MG3 as an update to MG2 rather than a new products? If so presumably so existing users will get a free upgrade? Personally I would happily pay for a new version (and keep MG2 just in case, and also for compatibility with existing AUM projects) as well as any IAP (maybe for Deep Expressor, MIDI output, MIDI machines?). I have used MG2 primarily on iPad for several years on pretty much every track I’ve released so looking forward to that version!