Selecting AUv3 patches via Blueboard

I have run into an odd problem when using an IKMultimedia Blueboard to change patches. I just started using AUv3 plugins in MG2 (Mellowsound and iSymphonic for starters). As per instructions I number the patches I want to select via the Blueboard (1-4). Patches using native MG2 instruments are loaded without issue but if for example patch “3 Mellow” uses the Mellowsound plugin the patch is correctly loaded when I select it via the MG2 interface but when selected via the Blueboard the patch name is loaded but the plugin is not. It seems as if patch changes selected via MIDI PC messages are missing/skipping the AU hosting feature?

Currently the PC (program changes) are forwarded int othe AU plugin.
This leads to unexpected results, we will fix this in the next update

for now:
the PC is forwarded into the AU plugin. therefore you need to store the AU synth patch into its own preset order at the same spot.
MG patch nr: 5
AU synth patch nr: 5
Now hitting the footcontroller with PC 5 will subsequently load MG patch 5, and the AU synth will load its patch nr 5.

The PC is only generated when the footcontroller is used! You can not test the behaviour by slecting the patch in our app.

It is quirky, we didnt notice this bug because nobody had connected a footcontroller to ioS MG still, this being a new feature in iOS MG 2.6.

there is a second and probably smarter workaround:
disable the PC programchange reception in the AU plugin.
This is a setting in most synths.
When the PC is disabled in the synth, the setting will be stored inside the MG patch, without being overruled by the PC command.

Thanks for the reply. But I don’t think what I am seeing is the result of PC messages unintentionall getting sent to the plugin, it’s that the plugin is never loaded at all. If say patch 1 uses MDA Piano and patch 3 uses the Sunrizer Synth AU, when I go from patch 1 to 3 the instrument remains on MDA Piano but the Patch Name changes.