Sending Midi cc11 Expression

Thanks for the precision…:smiley::smiley:still it seems like a pricing strategy set by an engineer . If they are successful…I tip my hat !! Chapeau I guess the French would say.

A midi controller only sends controller data serially and only midi numbers.
A midi ContinuousController sends data in real time as usual but for ONLY controlling things such as velocity or hi hat control for example I use CC4 for hi hats.

Any CC midi is strickly for control only as far as I know so if your DAW or software does not have any options for using CC midi controllers NO CC controller will work.

Herold, since it seems you are an unconditional of Gigperformer, just an update to highlight how flawed their pricing strategy for current users is : barely 48 hours after they released GP4 , the software is circulating fully unlocked throughout the internet. With this new option a current GP3 user will have to decide, wether to pay Deskew 99 bucks, or download it free. Amazing how arrogant and stubborn these guys are… they have a wonderful software, but do not understand that their users did not invest in Bitcoins. :joy::joy::joy: