Sending Midi cc11 Expression

I realize I am using the product not for it’s original design but it works pretty well. I would like an option for in app purchase so MG2 would send cc11 with good control over the values being sent. Don’t know if this would benefit guitars. Using AfterTouch is ok but cc11 would be better for the SWAM instruments.

But, can*'t you just convert velocity to CC11 using a bridging plugin?

The only thing that mapped using midi learn in SWAM was AT. I have a basic understanding of midi but I will see if I can find a “bridging plugin” that works any better than just mapping AT to Expression in SWAM.

After looking over the Mac version I just discovered the problem. The Mac version has a midi option of sending dynamics (over any cc) and the ipad version does not have this option.

Really I think my suggestion was to route the velocity MIDI data from the MG2 to a plugin that converts into CC11 or whatever you want, not to change anything on the SWAM side.
Try and see if with one of the Pizmidi set of plugins you can do it Piz Midi Plugins - Download Piz Midi Plugins Shareware by Insert Piz Here - Multimedia Software, Misc. Multimedia Tools Software I am going to try it later, I think it can be done. There are also the X42 midi plugins from Robin Gareus in Github which I think can also serve the purpose. ( I am assuming you are on a PC or Mac, …not iPad/iPhone) . Goes without saying that to use the plugins , the easiest way is to go through a DAW or vst/au Host. Check it out ( I’ll let you know if I find a solution )

I looked at the Mac version of MG2 and it has an option to send dynamics to any. Cc. Trying to get JamOrigin to make that an in app purchase for the ipad version which doesn’t have that option. If they won’t then I will try other options. One of my midi tools on iOS maybe a work around. Thanks for your suggestion.

Hey I tried with the Piz Midi Velocity to CC plugin , and it works. The MG2 output has to be split into two signals one is sent directly to the SWAM ( so it gets the velocity reading ) and the other one you route it through the PizMidi plugin setting the CC at 11 ( the plugin even has an option for a second CC command which you could use to further modulate the SWAM sound ). And that is all . This, I believe is independent of the MG2 version be it for Mac or PC, because I did not change any setting on the MG2 ( nor on the SWAM ) side. If I could post a screen capture here I can graphically show you what I did ( I used Gigperformer as the Host , but it should work with any DAW )

On the left bottom corner you can see the Midi Data output from the MG2 ( NoteOn/Off velocity) , next to it you can see the Midi Monitor after the data has passed through the Midi Note to CC plugin converted to CC11 , center up you can see how the signal was routed ( velocity directly to the SWAM Tenor Sax and velocity to the Midi note to CC plugin ,a Midi Monitor , and the TenorSax, finally on the top right corner you can see the settings of the midi plugin, basically CC11 ( all the other settings are eitther 0 or 127…notice that the alternative to set a second CC parameter is in 0 , but you could choose any other setting that you would like to modulate on the SWAM ). Bottom line : there is no need to change anything on the MG2 nor on the SWAM side , just adjust the CC parameters of the plugin. It works

Hello Bonanote, Pizmidi is down but you can get it in this web archive: pizmidi
Unfortunately, it dates back to 2012. Although it still works in Windows, it may fail to operate with Mac.

pizmidi-midiconverter3 seems also to fit, you can see the options in this pdf:
pizmidi-doc.pdf (270.8 KB)

Hi Herold,exactly, that is the Plugin that I am using Pizmidi NotesToCC (see the photo ) , and I am using it with Mac, and it works. This is what I am trying to explain to 3Dog. Thanks for posting the link its going to make it easier for him.

@Bonanote Thank you, it’s important to know that it works on Mac, I’ll pass the info onto other forums.
Apart from that, you too are waiting for GP4? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really, I am very disappointed with the pricing strategy they have . Barely 12 months ago I forked out 200 dollars for their software and now they are requesting another 100 dollars to “upgrade”. Sounds more like a ransomeware than an upgrade. Then… who guarantees than in six or eight months they will not be asking for another 100 bucks to let you in on some new gimmick. I am seriously considering going back to Mainstage.

Isn’t that what the Midi FX selection “Dynamics” does on the Mac version of MG2?

Sorry for the misunderstanding, i now realize that you are looking for a solution for the iPad. Then, it’s either Mozaic, Midiflow or Nurack FX, any of the three should do the remapping job, but I am not sure if you can get all the dynamics of the clarinet Try both , remapping velocity and/or aftertouch to cc11, see which of the three combinations works best for you. Cheers!!

I am slowly feeling that what I am looking for doesn’t exist when using software converting audio dynamics. I am trying to get expression to work as smoothly as it is when using a wind controller. The velocity values are not being converted fast enough as the volume of the acoustic instrument increases. MG2 or JamSynth do a good job at converting note on velocity and AT velocity but the sustain velocity are not.

I guess you are right, it’s a tough call. Who knows, it could be that the MG2 developer eventually incorporates code into the software that can make it work. In any case I am sure he is reading these threads and taking notice.

Hello, Bonanote, here is a link about gig performer, this being off topic.


Have you tried using a foot pedal for cc11 via a keyboard. This is what I do. You can change the mapping in SWAM also if I remember rightly. I will have a look when I get back to my music computer.

Thanks for trying to convince me , but why is it that someone who bought the software barely 11 months ago and paid 200 dollars , now has to pay another 100 dollars to upgrade ??..….worst, if you bought Gig3 , 5 months ago you pay 80 to upgrade and if you bought it 3 months ago you pay 50 to upgrade ?? What is the difference in buying the product 3, 5 or 11 months ago …….all your clients paid the same 200 dollars !! Not only you are charging an absurd amount of money for an upgrade , but on top off that it is very discriminatory without much of a rationale. As a cherry on the cake , when you complain , their answer is “if you don’t like it do not buy it”…yeah, sure, but in essence they are implying there is no more support for Gig3. Talk about caring for the customer…

Just to be exact: purchased within the last 3 months: free update, purchased within the last 6 months: $49, purchased within the last year: $79. Offer valid until June.
It is not the date you buy a product that serves as a reference, it is the date the product is released.
It’s just like going to a concert: it starts at a certain time and you don’t pay less if you arrive later and only see part of the concert. No matter what time you arrive, the investment price of the concert will remain the same.
It is up to each individual to judge the value they place on a product.

I think we can stop this off-topic discussion here, and if not, create a new topic about “how to manage the price to pay for a software upgrade”.

Maybe even Midi Guitar will be the subject of this debate one day. :wink:

Anyway thank you a lot for your kind investment in this forum :grinning:

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I have done that an it works but the goal is to keep it simple as possible. Too many pieces of hardware create more opportunities for problems at a gig. Using a foot pedal for vol is not the same as using your breath and there is a learning curve to get the coordination right.