Sending midi input to Sibelius 8

Hello all,

I was wondering if there is a way to send midi input with Midi Guitar 2 to Sibelius 8 (im on win 7 64 bit).

Many thanks

Sibelius can not handle the midi stream for MG: the pitchbend infos it sends, end up in the score and can not be filtered: the score gets totally cluthered with garbage info.
We allways recommend recording midi in a DAW, quantise/clean it there, and export the midi: that is much less work than in a scoring app.


I’m new here. Searched for Sibelius and found this topic.

I’ve been using MG 1 trial for many years, as I only used it to create parts in Sibelius. It actually worked fine (I don’t use pitch bend). Few days ago I decided to purchase MG2 full version, as I want to use it in DAW as well (Ableton). But it doesn’t work any longer, it handles the stream from MG different? Don’t understand why this wasn’t a issue in MG1. Am I doing something wrong? Made a video you can watch here

Don’t know if this post had been read. Anyone ideas?

I allways check, but I missed your post 11 days ago.
You should enable the virtual midi output in MG and enable input from this midi stream in Sibelius.
Sibelius can not filter input data though, and we dont recommend using MG straight to Sibuelius or any other scoring app.