Separating guitar from synth effects?

I am using a TC Helicon Go Twin USB audio interface to connect to my iPad Pro running MIDI Guitar 2 and SampleTank as my synth. I am using MIDI Guitar 2 effects, e.g. chorus in addition to the SampleTank synth sounds. I would like to send the guitar output separate from the synth sounds. It seems that I might be able to do this by putting the guitar on the left channel of the stereo output on the Go Twin and the Synth Sounds on the right channel. I can send the synth sounds to the left channel but I cannot find a way to send the guitar signal to the right channel. I would appreciate your help in working out a solution. Thanks

The easy way to do this on an iPad would be to use MG2 as an AUv3 in a host program (e.g. AUM or Audiobus) and route MIDI MIDI to a synth instrument and feed direct guitar to your guitar amp sims/fx on seperate channels. Use the hosts’ interface tools and MIDI control for panning/channel control.

Sampletank for iOS/iPadOS only supports IAA which poses some limitations but you should still be able to get this working.

hidden feature for iOS:
click on the “MIX” label.
now it is split L & R
Note: the FX in the master fx should be full stereo to support the separation.


That’s a neat tip, Paul!

But since the OP is using SampleTank (not AUv3 compatible) I don’t think the audio streams will aggregate through MG2. Right?

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OP wants the guitar from MG app on one channel. The SPLIT option will work for that in any case, be it an external synth or loaded auv3 synth.

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