Setting up FCB1010 pedal with AZR3 synthesizer to control Leslie speed

I’m trying to set up the FCB1010 pedal with AZR3 synthesizer to control it’s midi pedal Leslie speed. I have this video that says you can use the midi keyboard mod wheel to control the leslie speed switch.

The midi pedal is explained about 4 1/2 minutes into the video.
Ques 1: I’m not sure how to assign one of the FCB1010 pedals to be a modulation wheel.
Is this possible?
The FCB1010 does seem to be working ok as I can change presets (not the way I want yet, I assume I would have to number all the presets with a prefix 00 and up to have control of which bank foot button they are in). I also shows the controls in MG2 that are capable of midi learn so I assume it works fine.
Ques 2: Also, would using the FCB1010 manager software (I assume is not free) make all of this easier?

You can setup on off the 2 pedals of your fcb1010 to transmit the CC you want. See fcb1010 manual how to do that.
the cc will be forwarded to loaded syntheiszers in MG2.

The manual instructions did not work but the link attached did work.

What I’m having trouble with now is that the MG2 master volume somehow got assigned to CC1 (mod wheel controller) . The AZR3 leslie speed control works fine with the FCB1010 pedal that I assigned to send Mod wheel midi CC1 but it also controls the master volume of MG2.
If I un-assign it using the MG2 midi learn everything is fine until I change the preset and go back to the same preset and MG2 is now assigned CC1 on the master volume again so I have to un-assign it again.
Is there a better way to unassign a MG2 midi control so it is not used?

Also, the instructions in the video state that the FCB1010 pedal assignment has to be done for each preset bank button number so only synths or mod wheels in that bank will be affected.

MG2 has a bug: once youve assigned a cc via midilearn, this will not be deeteable…
Create a fresh preset, load your synth and the master voluem assign shoudl be gone.

Thanks. I read a past post on the un-learning bug so I tried editing the patch and it worked.

I guess previously I was experimenting with the MG2 at the same time I was trying to assign the CC1 controller to the AZR3 synth so that’s how MG2 master volume got assigned accidentally. It wasn’t MG2’s bug that caused the assignment.

I just edited the patch with notepad and deleted the midi learn for the MG2 controls and now just the AZR3 synth mod wheel(leslie speed) works fine by itself and I don’t have to try to unlearn anything in MG2 after changing the presets and back again.

It’s not too hard to see what to delete in notepad. I made the patches open automatically with notepad. I hope that doesn’t affect MG2 in any way. I only edited the patch once I exited MG2.

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I’m having trouble understanding how the MG2 Midi Learn works exactly.

If I have it learn the MG2 output Mix control as CC1 on the FCB1010 does MG2 put that in ALL presets or just the current one?

I forgot to mention that the MG2 preset controls are fine.
I like the fact that one can edit them so please do not take that ability out of the new MG3.
Please do not hide the presets in a bin file. The text files are fine.

MG2 midi learn is just about the current preset.

I got it all working. The fcb1010 pedals don’t want to calibrate perfectly when used for MG2. I haven’t tested the range with anything else. MG2 mix control won’t go all the way to the left. The CC7 mod wheel doesn’t really matter for my purposes yet…
I could likely compare the range in Studio One making an envelope or something since it is set for CC1 volume control.
PS. The pedal setup section of the previous youtube instruction video is around 24:00, not 4:00 as wrote earlier.

The pedals need to be pushed down very hard.
I think the pedal proximity pads are too spongy from the factory.


I don’t think it has anything to do with MG2, it sounds more like a bad pedal calibration or particular pedal range assignment in the fcb1010 presets.

Have you used the calibration procedure? If not, here it is:

1/ Turn on the FCB1010 while holding footswitches 1 and 3. When the display goes blank, release the switches. The FCB1010 will light up in sequence.
2/ Once all the lights are on, press each Footswitch one at a time, including the UP and DOWN switches, until all the LEDs turn off. You will hear some mechanical clicks, and then the display will read “F1.”
3/ Press the DOWN switch once.
4/ Adjust the left expression pedal (A) to the lowest value (heel down), then press UP.
5/ Now adjust expression pedal (A) to the highest value (toe down), then press UP.
6/ Next, adjust the right expression pedal (B) to the lowest value (heel down), then press UP.
7/ Finally, adjust expression pedal (B) to the highest value (toe down), then press up.
8/ Reboot the unit.

If the calibration does not work properly, it may indeed be a hardware problem

I don’t use the fcb1010 anymore, I now have a new midi controller kit in which I prefer to keep the CC1 controller for modulation and use the CC64 for the rotary speed of the azr3.
But that means not using the CC64 for the Hold function which I manage with the MG2 Sustain Midi FX.

I did the pedal calibration. They still don’t move the mix control ALL the way counterclockwise but will go all the way clockwise.

If the calibration doesn’t change anything, the problem may effectively come from the pedal.
I have seen that the fcb1010 pedals work with optical controllers composed of a diode, an optical receiver and a plastic strip more or less opaque depending on the pedal pressure.
Sometimes the diode is no longer aligned with the optical receiver, so the pedal does not scan correctly all the midi values…
It’s not complicated to readjust (a few screws to adjust) and it often solves the problem.

And as you said, it can also be a heel pad problem…

I think it’s mostly the pads. When I really push the heel pad really hard it makes the mix control go a bit lower but maybe I could adjust the limits like you said.
When you said a few screws to adjust - where are the screws?
Do I have to remove the bottom cover or are they somewhere else?

Sorry for my bad english language, I mean some screw to remove and put back.
I couldn’t find a tutorial for the type of pedal I was talking about.
Here are two links showing how to change the action curve of the pedal.
They are about Morley pedals that work with a slightly different system, which may be the same as on the fcb1010: to be checked as I did not find any info about the optical system of the fcb1010.

pedal mod 1
pedal mod 2

Otherwise, maybe try to first sand the surface of the pads if you don’t want to open the fcb1010 (especially if the problem is not the alignment of a diode).

The pads could also be replaced by slightly thinner rubber squares.

You can see here how to improve pedal sensitivity on FCB

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While calibrating your pedals you should never push too hard!
That way the 0 and 127 will be easily reachable.
Pushing hard while calibrating will set the 0 and 127 at a spot which you will not reach in the heat of the playing.