Setting up fo a live gig with a band

Hi all, well a question probably asked many times… I am a totally new user to the midi guitar 2/3 forum and have been using a GR55 for many years. My question is a basic one but I can’t seem to find an answer !
I have a decent windows laptop, a Focusrite Scarlett Solo and a Beringer 1010 midi foot controller. Apart from the obvious…installing the software…how the hell do I connect all this to run midi guitar throufh the PA and my guitar signal to my fender twin. Firgive my ignorance anyone give me a starter for ten.? Thanks in advance

Simplified the routing for your “scenario” would be: Guitar > splitter box 1st leg to Fender amp
2nd leg Audio interface > Laptop host application (handling MG2/3, VST’s) > PA mixer.
The FCB1010 can be connected to the laptop and the amp but requires some intelligent setup which the standard chip doesn’t allow.
The detailed setup depends quite on the host application.
What I don’t fully understand is why you would like to divide and separate the guitar sounds in just amp modeled and MG2/3 processed on the PA and the amp.

part of the problem is that there are so many ways to do this.

most people would do this dutti’s way.

another option would be to add a reamp box after the scarlett. one output would go to the p.a. and the other to your amp. this way you can run computer efx on the guitar before it hits the amp. but you’d lose the stereo synth output. not a big deal for a typical live performance.

aside from the fcb, what’s on your pedalboard? do you intend to use mg in standalone mode? have you tried any of the amp modeling solutions?

Thanks for the advice guys, currently awaiting laptop purchase to arrive as I use an Imac 22" in my home studio with Logic Prox, obviously not great for a live set up. As soon as the computer arrives, I will be purchasing MG2, so I will be pestering you plenty…lol

Thanks , maybe Its my explanation…just want synth sounds through the PA and guitar sounds through my amp.

Glad we could help. Until your new laptop arrives you could already experiment with your studio iMac to find the best possible setup. Use your monitor speakers as “PA” and the Fender amp in parallel. The license of MG2 can be transferred to the new LT later on.
I’d connect both output channels of your soundcard for the synths since pads, or other ambient sounds, often make use of the stereo field. A simple Y-splitter cable is enough to run into the amp and the soundcard in parallel. Have fun!

Many thanks, I am bald, which is just as well as i have spent a day pulling my hair out trying to get the focusrite solo to recognise a guitar signal through the interface on MG2.
Running windows 10 which I now find is an issue for this interface apparently.
Bought the MG2 license, but still now guitar sound through the software…help

in terms of the setup, it is guitar > focusrite > mg2.

so the first issue is if you hear the guitar when mg2 isn’t running. for this direct monitor needs to be on.

if you do have guitar sound, then disable direct monitor (should be off in most mg2 setups).

load mg2. check the input indicator to see if mg2 is receiving audio from the scarlett. load a patch, if you still don’t have sound post some screenshots of your mg2 audio interface screen.

also let us know which version of the scarlett you have.