Setting up MG2 with UR242 and HD500

New user, been playing around with MG2 and enjoying it. It has been working well but I’d like do double check the following connectivity.
I have a Steinberg UR242 and a Line 6 POD HD500. Currently, I have my guitar going into the HD500 and then to the UR242 via XLR input. I use a preset in the HD500 with no effects and MG2 seems to work ok.
However, I am wondering if I should be plugging the guitar directly into input 1 of the UR242?
Does either way make any difference to MG2, or is one better than the other for getting better accuracy from MG2?

Hello @MGX, welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Ideally, intermediates should be eliminated to preserve the original signal quality.
The best practice is to plug the instrument into the audio interface and eventually go to another hardware device if necessary.
However, the HD500 also acts as an audio interface, in which case you can use it as a USB interface instead of the UR242.
In both cases you are using an audio interface, the difference may be in the quality of the converters but I suspect they should be roughly equivalent (to be verified).