Since updating Logic to 10.7.4 I can't get MidiGuitar2 to work

I have been using Midi Guitar for a long time and all was fine until I updated Logic Pro X
Logic (10.7.4) doesn’t recognise MidiGuitar 2 as an external midi source. It also won’t open inside the DAW giving a message that the ‘developer can’t be verified’.
I have Midi Guitar version 2.2.1, which seems to be the latest version although it is some time since there has been an update.
Is there a work-around for this? Or is Jam Origin going to update any time soon?
Some months ago I remember seeing that Jam Origin 3 was coming but no sign of it yet…

If there is no work-around or update available, will Midi Guitar for Garageband work in Logic 10.7.4?

Hi @ChrisMidiG
I have MIDI Guitar working with Logic 10.7.5 here, both as a plugin and as standalone. So if we assume it works just for now, what does your MIDI INTERFACE Output say?

And if you look at the TRACK box in Logic, what MIDI IN Ports do you have listed. (I have two - the highlighted is the standalone Virtual MIDI and the greyed out one is a AU instance I had open, but removed

Skärmavbild 2023-02-06 kl. 23.10.44

I am running 10.7.7 and everything works fine.

Ah, thanks very much. Changing the output fixed the problem…
Much appreciated.