Sit back and relax - piece with via MidiGuitar played instruments

Hi folks,

I just finished a little (10min. long :grimacing:) piece of music where most of the instruments are played via MG2. It is far from perfect and I haven’t been playing guitar for a while because of the lack of jams sessions due to these evil little creatures.
I try to find my style somewhere between my blues rock roots and more complex structures as in fusion.
The first part is in 11/8, then it calms down to 4/4.
I included the info about the used synth voices in the picures.

Generally I use:
Surge, Korg M1 LE, Zebralette, FreeAlpha and Helm.

I hope you can sit back and relax to the video:

>Sit back and relax<



Hallo, Hans. Sehr angenehm! Very enjoyable! Excellent use of MIDI Guitar.

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Thanks! It wasn’t easy (for me) to really play clean enough and get results without many ghostnotes. It seems that via DAW (for me Studio One) there is a greater latency and somehow a response of MG not as good as in the standalone version. When I play live again will I use the standalone version anyway.

What I am satisfied with in this piece is the fact, that the 16-notes-ostinato was really played by guitar and not just programed (which would have been easier).

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If you haven’t seen this video (or one like it), it may prove helpful (also a Studio One Pro user).


Sounds great Hans! were the drums also played with MG2 - in which case was a seperate track used for each drum?

Thanks John Maar for the information on latency. So far my interface is my mfx Digitech rp1000 because this will also be my lifesetting.
I haven’t so far planned to use MG2 in the DAW as I normally program the non-guitar tracks or play them with a keyboard.

So far I go the simple way with drums and use the drum sets (normally the standard one) of the DAW in two tracks, one for the groove and another for fills.
Some drums in the piece were programmed by myself, some were a loop in Studio One.
The path of using a track for each instrument might be the next step for me.
Do you want to describe your approach with drums?


Very good, Hans! Thank you for sharing. :grinning:

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Hi Hans, sorry I wasnt on the forum for a while! I dont really have a process for drums yet - just using groove agent. but Would be interested in exploring creating drum midi with my guitar. getting more into piano parts at the moment, I will post my latest effort.