Sitar compatible instrument or effects

I’m looking for sitar plug-in or virtual instrument compatible with this awesome product.

Can someone also clarify what type of virtual instruments this software accepts?

Hello Strings, welcome here.

Are you on PC or Mac ?

You can use effects plugins in the guitar, instrument and Master FX sections, and, of course, synth plugins in the instrument section.

Midi Guitar can host VST plugins (.dll for PC, .vst for Mac)) and AudioUnit plugins for Mac (.component).

And you can find about 15 different sitar plugins on

Thank youj. Awesome! I really appreciate that.
I’m Windows. I really need some ethnic stuff -

I have maybe 200 plug-ins many are VST 32 and 64. Looks cool.
I’d like to do many live, but 95% will be plug-in to recorded track, so I’m good with that.