Slow recognition of MIDI notes in Ableton Live

Hi, I’m using a Squire Strat with iRig HD2 and MIDI Guitar 2 VST in Ableton Live. I’ve got my latency down to 8.8ms which is fine for my use but I find that if I try play the guitar fast Ableton isn’t able to pick up the notes. I was wondering what part of my setup would be limiting this and if there is a way to improve this?


Hi! I use both Abelton Live (11) and sometimes also iRig 2 for an audio interface. Of course super fast runs are problematic for an older computer in combination with these kind of audio interfaces, but you say Abelton isn’r able to pick up the notes? What platform are you on? Mac or PC? Specs?And what are your prefs settings in Abelton? Buffer size? This is recorded on an 2014 iMac with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface with buffer size 128 at 44100 in Abelton, and I would say tracking is solid.

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Hi! Thanks so much for your info. I’m on a 2019 MacBook Air 1.6 GHz i5 processor and yeah using the same 128 at 44100 in Ableton. Giving it another go I might have been being a bit harsh, it is more when I go to finger picking that it starts to miss notes and probably because they somewhat mesh into one another which makes sense.

Cool to see your work, doing some great stuff!

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Thanks! And yes, it is of utmost importance to distinctly pick notes. And it is of almost equal importance to learn to stop notes from ringing, as to not blend in to the next picked note (wherever this is not of course intended). That is why I use a sustain pedal for much of my piano playing MIDI Guitar stuff. That way I can stop my guitar notes from interfering and keep up the feeling of a “cohesiveness” anyway. Think of it like this if you will, as a guide; you can have three notes ringing simultanesly (as long as any two of them doesn’t create a minor second (halftone) interval. You will be forced to choose wisely in the beginning and learn to not let any loose open string ring unnecessarily, and picking every note helps a lot too. After a while you get a feeling for what notes, chords and combinations call for extra attention, and where you can perhaps use more legato and stuff like this. But it really is a feeling out process to begin with, learning how your guitar works with the MIDI Guitar software (even within different DAWs), and certainly on different computers. I have three different setups that I use frequently, and at least four different guitars, and any combination of these calls for a slight adjustment in terms of playing style, hand position and stuff like that. So don’t be frustrated in the beginning. Now it also depend on what software synths you are trying to play of course. I would avoid any heavy sample libraries or CPU hogs like the OUTPUT synths to begin with. If you believe it is still a question of hardware/software later on, or for any other MG2 related question, you can hit me up on IG or post your question here again. I’m sure you’ll get some answers either way!:+1:


I was curious about hearing this but I do not use any social network, so I can not connect.
Is it something already published on youtube or else?

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Awesome that’s some really useful info! Yeah I was noticing how difficult some synths were to produce a fluid sound. But I’m sure ill just need practice understanding all the elements as you’ve described.

Thanks again!

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It is nothing special really. Piano and sustain pedal, but I uploaded it to my FB page for you. You should be able to view it there without an account.

@LoFiLeiF Sorry to waste your time but I really do not visit social networks at all, specially FB against whom we filed a lawsuit and we are awaiting judgment.

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Well, kudos for not waisting time on those mood consuming sinkholes that are the social media platforms. I’ve been trying to use them only as storage space out of sheer convenience, but the like-chasing and algorithm optimization posting eventually got to me too, and I must admit that it doesn’t come as easy as it once did. I’ll probably be posting this clip, or something similar, in relation a video I was thinking of doing on a notion of “responsible picking strategies” with regard to a JamOrigin MIDI Guitar setup. If I get around to it anytime soon, I’ll probably link to it here.

Take your time, there is already plenty to do with all your videos, and thank you for being so involved in making MG known :grinning:

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