So what is this thing?

Hi folks,
Just received this email.
I plead totsl igntsnce. I happen to own a 1987 casio( made by ibanez) mIDI guitar made at the Fuji plant in the 80s. I am currently using a roland MIDI hookup to record into my Pro Tools 2021.12 DAW. I run won 10.
So, my question.
What is this new plugin or whatever you are designing.
Is it a plugin that an actual MIDI guitar can plug into.? I have no idea. Just figured I’d post my total ignorance of this product and some pleasant soul would inform me.
Feel free to respond directly to my email
or , I assume that I’ll receive notifications from your response here.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Steven, good question!

No, the Casio is probably doing fine as it is.

In short, this will make your all your other guitars output midi into DAWs, such as Pro Tools* :slight_smile:

  • … except that PT is an outlier among DAWs, and we dont have an AAX plugin, so you need to run MG3 standalone and capture the MIDI in PT, just like if it as a midi keyboard.

To clear up your complete ignorance!


reasons to keep on using your casio: it can have lower latency, depending on the other equipment attached.

reasons to try mg2/3: 1) DEEP EXPRESSOR and 2) it is free to try, on any guitar without mucking about with pickup placement/optimization.

also if you mix your guitar signal with your synths then mg2/3 has you covered, you can blend the output without having to deal with pro tools.

for live use mg2/3 is probably the first choice for many. if you primarily work in the studio then there is less of an argument, but it is still worth your time to explore the possibilities.

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