Some auv3 apps crash inside MG2 on iPad Pro

I recently got a 2021 iPad Pro 12.9”, running iOS 15.1. I have been using MG2 for some years, mainly on my iPhone, and have installed it on the iPad, along with most of the instrument apps I use on the iPhone.

I have noticed that a few instruments seem to crash inside MG2 on the iPad, either immediately after loading a patch, or when I try playing a note. The main two I notice this happening with, are two Yonac synths: Kauldron and Magellan 2. The synth interface disappears, and is replaced by a totally white box.

Oddly, this does not happen in MG2 on my iPhone - both apps operate properly - but on that device, BLEASS Granulizer completely crashes MG2, so there’s a mystery…

Any suggestions gratefully received, as I’d really like to use Kauldron and Magellan 2 with MG2 :pray:

Many thanks

Thank you for reporting this!
We will make sure to test these synths in the next update.

For now, the quick fix is to run MG2 and the synths as plugins inside AUM.