Some feedback on the beta version

Ok, here goes:

First off, I am primarily a bass player. I have been using a combo of MIDI Bass with a high limit script + MIDI Guitar for some time now, with great success. It has been my favourite MIDI solution for monophonic and dynamic stuff for some time, though it performs admirably for polyphonic stuff as well—obviously with a hexaphonic pickup things get easier. Still, see here for an example:

As I said before, V3 is pretty much magic. The MPE capabilities are incredible, I like the interface (even though some of the knobs turn a little too fast and fluidly for my taste), and it seems to do much better with accidental noises and even minor seconds. I am extremely impressed. If it could cover the same range as Midi Bass, I am not sure I’d have any need for hardware solutions anymore.

That said, some potential room for improvement remains. My main concerns are the following:

  • First, it would be great if both the various elements in the chain and the various blocks / pedals could be dragged around. That would make assembling patches much easier;
  • Second, it is not quite clear to me how (if at all) the various modulators / MPE controls can be sent out to the MIDI out. I understand that this would generally be done in the DAW / the relevant instrument, setting them up to receive a certain message. However, it would be useful if the same logic of “Aftertouch to CC” could be used here, allowing all of these messages to be sent to a specific CC or other message, rerouting them if necessary.
  • Finally, and this is wishlist material, I really do hope this eventually goes down to E1. It would be so powerful!

In any event, amazing work, really.


That was awesome! Thank you for feedback.

  • Yep, that’s what we have in mind too… just didn’t want to delay this BETA because of UI.
  • Good point - I think the way to go is to simply make MIDI OUTOUT identical to all the external synth modules, with full modulation, but of course rather than going into a synth, it goes out to the DAW.
  • I dont want to make build claims about bass notes right now, but MIDI BASS 2 isn’t far of :slight_smile:

sounds good, great playing!

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