Some Vsti issues, when using MG2 in Samplitude ProX 8

My system is Win 10 pro, Dell Precision, 16 GB RAM, my DAW is Samplitude ProX8.
I’m trying to record something in Samp ProX 8 with Jam Origin’s Midi Guitar 2 and I want to use a 3th party Vsti. So, I have Midi Guitar on first track and the Vsti on the second. On Midi Guitar, in the plugin menu I ticked Send midi. And yes, on the Vsti’s second track I ticked Midi in from first track. Anyway, linked all midi outs and ins of the two tracks. But no sound from any Vsti. Monitoring is on at both. Interseting thing is, that if I’m recording something like that, on the first Midi Guit track apppears an audio signal, and on the second (Vsti) I can see Midi recording. And if I’m playing the recorded stuff, the Vsti plays this correctly. Mean, it receives the midi signal. But during recording there is no sound. Why? What I’m doing wrong. I’m shure there is some setup trick. Even more interesting is, that if I try do the same thing in Samp Pro X 3, it does the job without any problems. The setup of 3 and 8 is the same. Ok, you can say, why I don’t use ProX3, when recording with MG2, but I don’t want to jumping between projects. And I have an Axon guitar synth, which is old, but works pretty well, but MG2 is very comfortable, as it doesn’t need additional cable and midi pick-up, etc.
Of course, I asked this on Samp forum also, get few advices, tried everything in settings, but no way. Can’t find solution. Respectively found one:
For the above reasons I tried different way. Scanned Vsti’s in MG2 standalone and now I can activate 3th party Vsti’s in MG2 plugin, as instrument. It works, but I ran into another problem. The pitchbend, vibrato and legato functions don’t work, but this functions are really important. And the issues described above occur with any kind of Vsti’s. With Kontakt and others.
I’m grateful for any advice.

Hi @Gabor I have never worked in Samplitude ProX8 (or any version), so I have no idea what can go wrong there. But you say that:

I will assume that the “first” Track is an audo track, and the second is a MIDI/Instrument track of some sort.
I would have assumed that this was a clear case of monitoring not being on, but since you say it is, I trust you. Can you trigger that instrument from another kind of controller and hear it in real-time? Do you have a keyboard?
Does Samplitude have something like MIDI monitoring? If so, put one of those on the track and see if you have some MIDI coming in as you play.

But if you get a MIDI recording that plays back it isn’t a MIDI guitar 2 issue we are talking about here, but some sort of real-time monitoring issue. Hopefully, someone who knows this DAW can help us out here.

When it comes to the pitchbend/vibrato and the legato setting you should probably try skip using the legato. Bend and legato not at the same time? - #4 by Paul

Sorry I couldn’t help you with Samplitude much, but hopefully we have some helpful MG2 user that uses the same setup that knows what could be the issue more precisely!

Yes, monitor is on on the both tracks. Yes, the Vsti works with the keyboard, with the Axon, and via it’s own virtual keyboard. After recording a I can see, that the Midi data appears on the Vsti track. So, it’s not a Mg2 issue. The signal is coming. But of course I need to hear Vsti in real time. Hopefully a Samp user can help here.
Anyway, thanks for your heplfulness!

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