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Specifying guitar fret zones

Never actually posted on a talk forum till now. Been playing more than 60 years. Gotten pretty sophisticated and writing music for play live.
Seriously need E, A, D striing to also play midi bass and cello etc. I intend to keep it simple and play live accoustic as I perform the basslines with added background cello. All the while the guitar playing normal as accoustic.
I see that the Fishman Triple Play can create zones in order to be in control of which notes play which instruments midi wise.
I searched till I’m blue in the face to see if Jam Origin Midi 2 can do this. Most people are not looking for this. I want the Midi2, but I gotta have the split ability. Can Jam Origin do this?

no, MIDI Guitar does not know which string is played, so it can not split on basis of that.

Wondering, can midi guitar 2 be made to only respond to specific frequency ranges? Being as I have not yet in a few attempts got any conversion, I’m just real slow to figure out what I need to do. I have to have control over which frequency ranges respond and which do not.??