Spectrasonics Plugins Bug

I’ve already reported this to the developer but just wondering if anybody else is having issues with Spectrasonics plugins.

I made some patches in the early beta version of MG3 using Omnisphere 2.6 no problems but since recent versions of the beta, opening those patches crashes MG3. Also, instantiating any Spectrasonics plugin will trigger an MG3 crash.

Has anybody got OS2 working in MG3? My workaround has been to use a plugin host in MG3 and load OS2 within that (OS2 inside Patchwork inside MG3).

FWIW, the latest versions of Omnisphere, Keyscape, and Trillian all crash MG3 3.0.46 here. Crash happens while loading any one of them into MG3.

Hey, thanks for confirming. I was on the fence over whether or not blasting all settings files would help.

Yep Keyscape just crashed MG3