Split Strings to Make E and A into bass

I would like to split the strings of my 6 string guitar with midi pickup so that the low E and A are an upright bass and the higher 4 strings are a regular guitar (preferably nylon/classical). Is this possible?

I don’t believe that MG2 can differentiate between strings. One possibility I can think of is to route the generated MIDI below at or below a certain note value to an upright bass VSTi and everything above the highest bass note to a guitar VSTi.

There might be a way to do that if you could use Midiguitar and Midibass programs at the same time. If your midi pickup has seperate outputs for each string, then this should be possible. I would also like to do this, but dont have a midi pickup to split the individual string outputs. I am going to experiment with combinations of the two programs (if that can be done ??).

with split pickups, you need two instances of MG, not 1 MG and 1 MB.
The normal E and A string are converted best with MG, MIDI Bass is for converting tones an octave lower.
MG can transpose the 2 basstrings an octave down, using the midi machine “Transpose”

Hi Paul. I do understand what you are saying here. I dont have a “hex” type pickup, if that is the word to describe a device that has 6 individual midi convertors. As far as I understand those types of things, I dont think they have 6 individual parallel outputs to split them easily. I could be wrong ? If Odara already has such a device, then the midi conversion has already been done . Does this not take the place of MidiGuitar’s primary function ? I am a bit confused.

You can use 2 pickups to have a stereo output with each pickup having a couple of strings. has nothing to do with hex pickups. You can e.g. visit https://www.submarinepickup.com , they have prefab split pickups.

I think that is going to be a function of your DAW. The MG2 obviously transmits the midi notes polyophonically across the channel. Your DAW will need to split those notes so that at a certain threshold it uses one instrument as opposed to another. The problem there will be that many notes occur on different strings. The result will be one of note range rather than string usage.