Splitting audio issues

Hi, I am running md2 with an omec teleport pedal with 2 outputs. The signal spits fine when the pedal is engaged. Output 1 sends the midi signal to a direct box and output 2 sends the direct guitar signal to my pedal chain and into my amp. The issue I am having is when I disengage the pedal, my guitar runs through both outputs. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to stop that from happening.

Hello Brandon, welcome in MG forum.
The split function is processed through the digital section when the pedal is activated.
When deactivated, the pedal reverts to analog function: 1 physical input to 2 physical outputs.
If you do not want, for example, send midi signal anymore through one output, mute it in the software, not with the pedal footswitch. And the same for any signal handling.