Starr Labs midi guitar & Jam origin - at same time

Hello all
I’m using Cubase and I’d like use my Stratocaster as Jam origin midi to trigger strings and the StarrLabs guitar to trigger notes on the fret at the same time.

**The main problem I am dealing with is whenever I choose All Midi Inputs in the instrument track it doesn’t recognize the Jam Origin anymore. Does any one have any clue how to solve this?

That won’t work. Jam Origin MIDI Guitar does not distinguish the different strings. Just notes chromatically.

Thinking about it a bit more, in a host such as Cantabile you could probably set the open string notes in MIDI Guitar as triggers of some kind to communicate with the Starr Guitar. I don’t think that this can be done in Cubase, and I’m not sure what the Starr Guitar would want to “see” as sting triggers. Thinking out loud in case it sparks a path towards a solution.

Thanks Chrisc_o
So in other words if I play an open note on the guitar, JamOrigin won’t detect it as a midi note?
I wish I could use the StarrLabs and MidiGuitar together. The string triggers on the StarrLabs have too much latency, however with the real guitar and JamOrigin the strings to midi conversion is much faster.

No, playing the open G string it will detect it as a G. Not necessarily an open G. It could be the 5th fret on your D string or 10th fret on your A string, etc. It just detects the note regardless of string.

Why not just use MIDI Guitar and forget the Starr Guitar? Also, are you sure that it’s just the sting triggers that have latency? Maybe it’s your whole system that needs to be tweaked?

Thanks for your help.
Yes, the Starr guitar is just a bit more accurate when imatating a piano for example because of the buttons, it is on\off. But when I try to use it’s string triggers it not as accurate.
With Jam origin I get better results when using it’s strings but it is less accurate when triggering notes on the fretboard, much more glitches than the Starr guitar.
I have Rme Ucx 1 usb running on 125 samples per second.
It shows that the total latency is not more than 3.5