Staying on one note//programming a midi function

hey there,
i would like to program a midi function but i have no background in that field and no idea how to get started… maybe there is someone here who could help me.

so basically my idea is to use a vst by xfer called cthuhlhu. you can trigger chords by playing a single note with it, program it with your own chords etc. in combination with midi guitar 2 thats pretty nice for playing melody over pads or whatever. now heres the problem: with every note that is played, cthulhu triggers a new chord… it would be awesome if i could tell MG2 to stay on a given note for as long as i hold down a foot switch and ignore everything else i play during that time.

i feel like this should be a simple thing to program, but i could be totally wrong of course… ^^"
i hope someone can give me feedback on this!
thank you

It is already done :wink:
In the Midi Machine slot, select “Sustain”.
In the Sustain field select “Hold instrument switch to guitar”.
Define the CC number according to your midicontroller
Play one note to trig your chord, press the controller to keep it playing and play your guitar along with it until you press or release the controller.

oh great! thank you very much!
i’m still having trouble with setting up MG2 so that it can receive midi data in ableton.
i’ll try to figure it out myself and if i get stuck i might make another post here :wink:

Do not hesitate to use and abuse the search function: typing keywords will often bring you to solutions

Okay so i am a little confused here. could not find any solutions using the search function…
MG2 sits on an audio track. i can’t seem to set up any midi input at all. my foot controller (sustain pedal connected to a keyboard) is working on midi tracks, but not on audio tracks.
in the routing, the only thing i can change is “audio from”, but no “midi from”. i can assign midi by using the midi learn function, but that does not allow me to access the actual user interface of MG2.
seems like its not possible? it definitely should be.

I do not use Ableton, I can not help you.
Did you look at online tutorials that could help, maybe like this one?
How to Set Up Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 in Ableton Live

ableton is kind of difficult to work with in this regard.
i switched over to gig performer and had no trouble routing everything exactly as i wanted.
thanks for your time :slight_smile: