Stop notes from bending?

Guitar + Piano
is there a way to bend the guitar string without the Piano also pitching to the next half step?
I think that’s what is considered “re triggering” the note.

I do not think you can do that: bending results in rise of pitch from one to more semitones up, just as if you play a scale note by note. The synth follow the pitch of the signal.
Maybe a midi machine script could address this issue but it is not certain. I am not familiar with scripting :grimacing:

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With the Basic Acoustic Piano patch, when I enable Bends in the Articulation box, bended guitar notes are not followed by the piano. If I slur from one note to the other the piano note follows.

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I am sorry, that was a mistake.
As I rarely use piano plugins (only organ and synths) and as I do not bend notes with fixed-notes instruments, I believed piano behaves just like other instruments…
Thank you to learn me some new thing :grinning: