Strange sounds second time running

I installed MIDI guitar without problem. Started up standalone, applied the license and had some fun getting Rhodes, B3, etc sounds out. So I exited out, installed MIDI bass, and started up standalone. WHOA, what kind of sound is that! Each time I’d hit a string I’d get a loud, harsh, echo-y, repeating explosive sort of sound. I didn’t touch my audio interface settings from before so this was a surprise. Looking at the MIDI mapping meter as I strike a single note, I see the MIDI notes jumping all over the place. I exited out of MIDI Bass and reloaded MIDI Guitar and now it does the same thing! No settings were changed. All I did was close down one program and started the other. Using Win10 1803 update with an RME Fireface UFX interface w/latest drivers. Just using standalone for now. Any ideas what has gone wrong?

no idea, but better first check your ASIO settings in the interface section. 44k1 / 256 buffer is a safe settings.
also make sure your system or other apps dont use the interface at the same time.

Thanks. Yes, both my ASIO interface and MIDI guitar are set to 128 samples @ 44.1kHz. At least they were. I’ll double check that. There’s nothing else installed on my system yet (new DAW build) so nothing else is sharing the ASIO driver. Even so, everything worked the first time I ran MIDI guitar. It was only the 2nd time that I had the problems. The only thing that changed between the 1st and 2nd runs is the install/run of MIDI Bass.

this issue is not a known one. I suspect your asio system got confused. Maybe you overlapped running MIDI Guitar and MIDI Bass, causing ASIO to go unsync.
Just try fumble a bit with the settings in ASIO control panel to force a reinitialisation on ASIO side. (top option in our interface section).

Tangential, but one way to avoid this is to run the MIDI Bass/Guitar plugin in a DAW instead.

Thanks for your comments everyone. I rebooted the system and now everything’s working again. I’ll consider this a singular event and just move on. Case closed.Thanks again for all your timely responses.

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