Stratocaster tuned down half a step

My Stratocasters are tuned half step down, because Strats are supposed to be tuned that way of course, and I find it a pity I can’t use Midi Guitar with my favorite guitars in my favorite tuning…or am I missing something obvious here ?

i use mg2 with drop d tuning all the time.

what type of problems are you experiencing? what os? daw?

Thank you for your reply…it seems I didn’t know you had to/could select the D# tuning in MG2…that was the obvious thing I overlooked.

Are you aware of this?

Stratocasters are tuned in EADGBE like any other guitar (9-42 strings by default).
Guitars can also be tuned in other keys, i.e. drop D or anything else.
I have a Telecaster tuned in D# because I use a set of 12-56 strings that are too tight for me in normal tuning, but all my other guitars are set in 10-52 hybrid because I like softer strings.
I also have a guitar specifically tuned in EAEAAE for a certain type of music.

The myth of Stratocasters tuned in D# comes from Stevie Ray Vaughan, who was said to use 13/56 strings so tight that he tuned half a tone lower (in reality, it wasn’t quite that).


Thank you for your reply Herold,
Tuning down half a step loosens the tension of the strings so bending is much less of an effort, according to Jimi Hendrix …and Strats just sound better that way. Stevie listened a lot of Hendrix it seems ;^)

I just found out about the tuning settings in MG2 yesterday…