String recognition

Is it possible to have one sound on the first three strings and a different on bottom three? For example, trumpets on first three and trombones on bottom three? I can do it in Triple Play but your latency is superior to that program. Makes a huge difference.

no, unless you use a split pickup like e.g. the Submarine. You’d need 2 instances of MG 2.2.1 running in a DAW.
Technically on paper MG is surely not faster than the tripleplay, but responsiveness is a very important playfactor, and that might make a big difference.

Thanks, also how do you separate and reduce the volume of your guitar so as not to overpower the midi sound?

no sure what you mean… maybe you mean the direct monitoring from your interface?
the “mix” knob in the interface balances the sound from MG within. Audio interfaces often provide direct monitoring, which you can shut off.

I’ve had both and FTP and MG. For me, MG is noticeably better than my FTP was. I’ve now sold my FTP.

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